The mid-season premiere of Gossip Girl Season 5 will finally happen on Jan. 16 (check out the preview here!) We figure you’ve been just as anxious as us to find out if Chuck is okay and if Blair will go through with her wedding to Louis. Oh, the drama!

Have you been easing the agony by re-watching the episodes from this season? (Us, too!) Then you should be prepared to ace this pop quiz on some of the most memorable quotes this season! Check out the lines below and see if you know who said it. Write down your guesses and then check below the photo for the answers. Good luck, darlings!

  1. “I only want you to be happy. I’m just sorry it couldn’t be with me.”
  2. “He has too many PhD’s. They cancel each other out and make him a moron.”
  3. “So many minions. How are you ever going to decide?”
  4. “I really thought the days of everyone turning their backs on me were over.”
  5. “‘Flighty’? ‘Irresponsible’? I’m gonna kill him!”
  6. “Once you know how to control information, you can do anything with it.”
  7. “My best friend was right. Saying yes makes everything better.”
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