How to Send a Dirty Text

Should I send a dirty text?

One of the sexiest parts of bringing dirty talk into your relationship is taking it out of the bedroom.  Dirty talk is simply the art of verbal seduction: using words and images to arouse your partner and make them count the seconds until they get back to you.   With husbands and boyfriends glued to their computers, iPads, and smartphones, one of your best weapons can be perfecting the art of the sexy text.

Being erotic in 160 characters or less is an art form!  But don’t let that scare you off.  This is actually good news – by constraining your space a little bit, it’ll actually help you be really effective in the long run.  You may also learn a few skills that you can bring directly into the bedroom.

1. Short means targeted: You can’t describe everything you intend to do to your partner tonight in a single text.   Pick a theme or one particular act or point that you want to convey.  “I’m not wearing panties.”  “I can’t wait to try this new toy that just arrived.”  “If you were here, I’d be bringing out the whipped cream.”  You get it.

2.  Use active, direct sentences: Save the flowery language for another medium, ladies.  Active voice and strong verbs will help evoke the kind of visceral response you’re hoping to get.   Basically you’re looking for some variation on the the “I will X you” type of sentence.

3.  Go for vivid and exciting: Use texts to convey desire and anticipation, or use short snippets of description to help your partner visualize what you intend to do.

4.  Don’t forget to involve the senses: Our five senses are completely wrapped up in the way that we seduce our partners.  The way you feel, taste, or sound is likely to drive him mad.  Consider an occasional text that brings in one of the five senses.  “I can’t wait to moan in your ear when you touch me tonight.”

5.  Favorite topics: Don’t be afraid to use the text message as a way to tap into your partner’s favorite fantasies or activities.  “Imagine if I were dressed up like a secretary and came to meet you for a lunch date.”

The art of the sex-message is a great way to build anticipation and stay connected when you’re apart.  But remember, any message you send via text message, email, or instant messenger is in writing and your partner might hang onto it forever.  So make sure you trust them, and that it’s something you live with hanging around for awhile.

For more tips on turning up the heat with texts, check out The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty. This book is awesome for MANY reasons, one of them being that it devotes a full chapter to sending hot text messages to your partner.

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