How to Talk Dirty: The Power of a Moan

“In a recent survey, Cosmo found that over 50% of men are turned on by moans and other ‘sexual sounds.”

So ladies, when you’re thinking about how to turn up the heat and thinking of all the complex stuff you need to say to introduce a little dirty talk, stop and consider:

What kind of basic noises are you making in the bedroom?

I’m not talking about sounding like a porn star (but hey, if that’s your thing or his thing – more power!).

I am thinking more along these lines. If your guy is wondering “is there life in there?” when he’s trying to turn you on, you have a huge opportunity to have a major impact on your bedroom time without having to make a massive effort or even take a huge risk.

Give a little moan when something feels good, or you see something you like.

There are a lot of ways to show that you’re into him, and into sex, but if your guy is looking for a little dirty talk, you can try the following and see how it goes:

– Give a moan

– Say “That feels good”

– Go for the old standbys – “yes,” and “oh god”

So give it a shot! If it’s working for you, you may want to consider purchasing one of our recommended guides to really take things up a notch. The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty is an amazing resource for women who want to drive their man wild!

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