How to Talk Dirty to A Guy

In this short post, I want to tackle the question of – how to talk dirty to a guy. Broadly, just a guy – not necessarily your husband or your boyfriend yet, but someone you’ve met. Someone you talk to, or maybe have been intimate with.

You are seriously interested in this person and want to keep them interested in you……hooked on your every word…..coming back for more.

I think for instance, I’m going to recommend that you give dirty texting a try. Sexting has a weird reputation, as something college kids or deviants do. It’s probably true! ;)

But with the amount of time we spend with our faces stuck in the our blackberries, it absolutely makes perfect sense. So here’s what you are going to get started:

1. Get the right mindset: Sometimes talking dirty is harsh and raw; sometimes it’s light and flirty. Keep the tone fun. Nothing too nasty and nothing too dark. You’re having a good time and want your partner to feel like they are the center of your thoughts.

2. Focus on them: What do you want to do to them? What are you thinking about them? What do you want them to feel, metaphorically or really?

3. Be visual, tactile, etc. Use other senses than the obvious. Do you wish that you could run your hands through his soft beard, caress his hard muscles just after a hard workout? Do you want to smell his aftershave on your pillow? Little details go a bit distance in terms of making that connection.

So do it – whip out your phone and see what a little flirting does to move your efforts forward.

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