There’s nothing better than a pretty girl with a filthy mouth. That’s every guy’s fantasy

“There’s nothing better than a pretty girl with a filthy mouth.  That’s every guy’s fantasy.” 

  • Justin Timberlake let that little gem out during an interview with Cosmo.  

Something brought you here, thinking about the art and science of dirty talk.

Is the heat and chemistry in your bedroom starting to fizzle? Are you having a hard time keeping his attention?  Are you worried that he’s still really attracted to you?

Has he asked you to turn up the heat by busting out the dirty talk in the bedroom?

Are you just ready to feel more sexy, and more sexually in control?

The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty will turn you into a dirty-talk wielding vixen tonight, amazing your husband, boyfriend, or partner with new tricks, skills, and twists of phrase.   Invest two hours reading the book (or one hour doing a fast skim), and you’ll get:

  • Your sexy voice, practiced and ready to go – a tone of voice that’s sexy, perfect for dirty talk, and
  • A script to take him through his favorite fantasy, step by step, narrating like a pro
  • A full repertoire of phrases, words, and enticements
  • An understanding of  what different sexual noises and responses mean to how, and turn him on the most

Tonight, when you put the kids to bed, shut off the laptops, and head into the bedroom:

You won’t be wondering whether he thinks you’re sexy.  You won’t be struggling with ideas of what to say and what to do.   You won’t be pretending to be asleep when he walks in.

You will be completely in control, full of energy and having a great time fulfilling his every fantasy and having the best sex of your life.

All you need to do is pick up a copy of this book.  We’d love to hear about your experiences with trying this system!

XOXO – Sam

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