Creative Ideas for Sending Sexy Text Messages on your iPhone or Blackberry

Smart phones make communicating with the world so much easier. There are so many things that you can do besides just being limited to a simple voice call. You can get directions, do your banking, play games, go shopping and even entice your lover. The latter can perhaps be the most fun if you know what you’re doing.

The art of seduction using sexy text messages is one that takes some getting used to and it needs to be personalized; meaning what works with one guy may not work with all guys. Here are a few things to remember when starting a sexy SMS session.

Create a Vision

Men are highly visual creatures and the things that they envision fuel their desires. Play on that sense when you are talking to your man. Talk about his favorite outfit or his favorite piece of lingerie. Tell him that you are walking around the house with just his tee shirt on thinking about him. The main idea is to give him a visual of the things that excite him about you.

Appeal to All of his Senses

Experts say that the brain is the main sexual organ of the human body and that is quite true. You want to appeal to his senses in every way. Talk about the scent that he loves best on you. Tell him that you just got out of a hot steamy bubble bath and that you are putting on his favorite after bath scent. This will make him close his eyes and smell as well as see you.

Appeal to his sense of touch by telling him that you cannot wait to feel his hands on you or that you cannot wait to put your hands all over him.

Be Detailed

Sending your man a sexy text is not just about being raunchy. Again, this is about appealing to the senses. Talk about your last love session and what you loved so much about it. Tell him how good he felt to you and make him remember all of the things that you did to him. Tell him in detail what you like that he does to you.

Sexy SMS is made easy when using an iPhone or a Blackberry because you have so many different messaging capabilities. You can use those cute emoticons to convey your message. You can even use the recording capability to send him a sexy moan or even a wet sloppy kiss when he opens his sexy texts from you.

Let your imagination and his run away. Do not be afraid to take your intimacy with your partner out of the bedroom. This will have you on his mind all day long and longing to get back home to you. If you still feel like you’re struggling with some hot SMS action,The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty offers a full chapter with suggestions that will help you become a sexting (and dirty talking!) expert.

A word of caution, remember that other eyes may be around so use care and caution when sending sexy pictures to your mate. Make sure that he has a lock code on his phone. Make sure that you can trust him not to share these pictures with anyone else. Be safe and happy sexting!

Want to overcome your shyness in the bedroom and become an unforgettable lover? Be sure to visit our Resources page for some hot talking dirty guides!

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